Event History

Phantom Gallery Events- Art, Fashion, Film, Performance

A meeting with William at Polyester Gallery pointed us in the direction of doing our events in the style of a “Phantom Gallery”.  In short, Phantom Galleries, use unoccupied store front  or empty space to put up visual displays or hold events. Great for artists, because they get to show their work, great for the building owners, because it activates their space and gets eyes and traffic in their doors.  Google it and you’ll see it’s a fantastic movement, mostly taking place on the coasts right now.

Independent Film Events

  • Cinema Obscura Society- Started August 2011
    Any trip around netflix or your local video store tells you a simple truth. There are a ton of movies out there, and most are not the sort that wind up laying at your local gianormoplex. You pass by them all the time. Wondering which ones might be worth seeing.  Well we’re going to do some of the work for you.  
  • Heartland Horror Film Day- October 2012
  • IngeGo Spotlight Film Nights - Started February 2012
    In February, in cooperation with Independent Gorilla, a local independent film/tv/music company, began a series of events called IndeGo Spotlight.  The goal of these events was to provide the public a way to meet local filmmakers and see the products that are being created here, in the Omaha area.  Each event featured a short film or episode by a local filmmaker, then a live interview of the filmmaker, followed by an audience participation Q&A session with the filmmaker.  These events are held approximately every-other month.  The Indego Spotlight events have featured Max Mentzer, Daniel Iske. and Jordan Fountain thus far. 

Samurai of Spoken Word Events- monthly

A group of local writers, poets, storytellers, and performers sharing their words and works.  This group performs in various venues each month, more info at SamuraiOfSpokenWord.com.  Each show raises money for a worthy cause. 

Education and Outreach Activities

Not only does EVENTgelical Production's Inc want to educate the public by raising their awareness of Omaha's flourishing, but mostly unknown, local art scene, and encouraging their exploration of local art events, venues, and classes, they also want to bring educational opportunities to Artists to learn and hone their craft. 

  • Discussions with local Boy Scout Troops as part of earning their Art Badge
  • Presentation on Omaha's Art Community to Omaha Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Presentation on Grant and Display opportunities with the Nebraska Art Council at  DREAMING
  • Presentation on Omaha's Art Community "Side B" by Ann Myers at  DREAMING
  • Hosted a Presentation of Les Femmes Folles by Molly Deskins at the  DREAMING
  • Hosted a Presentation by the Nebraska Arts Council on opportunities for Individual Nebraska Artists

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