About EVENTgelical Productions Inc

Started by two artists, EVENTgelical Productions Inc's mission is to educate the Omaha area by raising awareness and appreciation for all kinds of local art and expand local artist opportunities through events, educational activities, and community integration.

We do this through
  • Presentation events- where new and established artists can display/show/present their works
  • Educational activities- where artists can learn ways to improve their craft and artistic opportunities/resources
  • Community Integration/networking- outreach activities to the Omaha area community to raise awareness and appreciation of local talent.  Communicate resources where artists and artistic venues can network and develop
Dave Nesbit and Ann Myers are both people with art backgrounds who decided to put their skills to use rather then let them go to waste. And urge many others to do the same!

They thought it would be interesting and refreshing for the Omaha art scene to create an event that was a little different from the standard gallery opening. So dipping into their backgrounds in art, music, and event coordination, they decided to go out amongst fellow lesser known area artists, designers and bands, pool their meager funds and create an organization to spark some new energy back into the scene.

Heading into their second year they are expanding their offerings to include spoken word events, more independent film events, and education activities along with continuing their original mission of raising awareness and understanding of all types of art.

Educational and Outreach Activities
  • Discussions with local Boy Scout Troops as part of earning their Art Badge
  • Presentation on Omaha's Art Community  to Omaha Women's Chamber of Commerce
  • Presentation on Grant and Display opportunities with the Nebraska Art Council at Dreaming Event
  • Presentation on Omaha's Art Community "Side B" by Ann Myers at Dreaming Event
  • Hosted a Presentation of Les Femmes Folles by Molly Deskins at the Dreaming Event

What's with the "EVENTgelical" name?
EVENTgelical is a play on the word evangelical.  We aren't evangelizing a religion, we are “Spreading the good news” of Omaha Area's artists, art scene, and other creative endeavors through shows, performances, networking, and educational opportunities.